Lunch at FOOD WINE FRIENDS for little people!

When we got to FOOD WINE FRIENDS cafe, we sat on the couch and played Boggle while we waited, shortly after the food came and we moved to a bigger table in the sunshine. Sitting here we watched everyone walk pass in the sunshine. 
My brother and sister got a kid's lunch pack, in the lunch pack there was, a cup with cucumber, banana, blueberries and strawberries. Also in the pack was a hard boiled egg, a grilled cheese sandwich, a cookie and a glass of milk in a cool bottle, they really enjoyed it. 
My little brother loved biting the egg in the eggcup, he thought it was really funny.
I got pancakes with maple syrup, vanilla ice-cream and sliced strawberries. 

Mum and Dad had nice lunches too, but they liked the coffees the best.  They get coffee from here a lot.

The staff are really nice and on the shelves they have nice Milawa bread, local chutneys, jams and oils.
One my favourite things was that in the bathroom there is a game of hookey and I love the cute baby animal pictures.

I think kids will like FOOD WINE FRIENDS because it's fun and there are things to do.

BY OLIVIA | Little Sight Seeker