Lavender Hue Tea Rooms and Lavender Farm : Harrietville

8 Apr 2013 10:31 PM - Cosy devonshire tea rooms on the Ovens river and sprawling farm to explore

If you're looking to experience true country hospitality then Rona from Lavender Hue will fill your cup - with more than tea and homemade lavender scones.....

Quirky cafe on the Ovens River

Relax by the Ovens River on the gorgeous new deck and enjoy goodies made with love on the property in Harrietville.  The quirky buzz of the cafe and people is a memorable experience.  When the rain came down, Rona arrived with a round of knitted blankets and extra jam & cream for our devonshire teas.

The littlies were well looked after with colouring books and plenty of room to play and run around.  Lavender ice cream is an obvious choice and who doesnt love a smiley milkshake!

Lavender Hue Gift Shop and handmade lavender products

 Afternoon tea could never be complete without a spot of shopping and perhaps a souvenir that doesn't need to involve magnets or teaspoons!  The Lavender Hue shop is an explosion of colour & scent, handmade & ethically produced, delicious & divine.

Rona creates all their 'Lavender Hue' lavender products on-site from the farms bounty, this woman does it all!  You are free to sample & adore and really, isn't that the type of souvenir someone would actually love?  Yes.

The Lavender Farm in Harrietville

 Enjoy tea on the deck or sit amongst the gorgeous lavender fields.  Rows and rows of lavender, mountain views and everchanging colours depending on the seasons.  Littlies will love exploring the gardens.... so will everyone else.  The property even has a beautiful B&B if you just can't bear to leave.